"Therapy is about changing our  

  relationship to reality"

  I believe that some of us are suffering because no one ever taught us that we have a choice not to. While experiencing pain is a part of the human experience, suffering does not have to be. Life brings with it a rich and vast set of experiences which can include complex and confusing family dynamics, death of a loved one or an animal, an end of a relationship or friendship and existential questions around  who we are, what our purpose(s) are in life and why we matter. Often these experiences can invoke anxiety in the body and emotions such as sadness, anger, depression, bitterness and loneliness.  When we are presented with options to grow from these experiences, moving forward can often feel intimidating, confusing and lonely or leave us "spinning our wheels".  This is where I can come in.
Psychotherapy will typically proceed on two levels: Implementing practical strategies to solve your immediate day to day problems, while also looking more closely into original causes as well as your intellectual and  emotional constructs. I would like for you to use your experiences from our sessions and incorporate them into your own life allowing for you to find greater clarity in the actions you take. My intention is for you to feel safe with me in our sessions so that you can get the most out of our time together during this process.
Making the decision to begin therapy is a brave one and one that requires a curious and patient approach to yourself and the process.
If anything I have said here resonates with you, please contact me. I look forward to meeting you.


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